Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Whirligig of Time

" 'By the Lord, fool, I am not mad." But do you remember?"Madam, why laugh you at such a barren rascal? And you smilenot, he's gagg'd." - Twelfth Night

It started with "Drive Me Crazy" starring Melissa Joan Hart (of "Clarissa Explains it All" and "Sabrina" fame) and Adrien Grenier (my boyfriend).
The whirligig of time has flipped me from being too busy to sleep, to too busy not to sleep in. Since I have had more time to myself I've taken to watching everything On-Demand and there are ALOT of choices for me. Although some of my choices have been crap-tastic, they have really done the trick at making my mind escape life's duldrums.
"Drive Me Crazy" is a pretty terrible movie from the late 90s. Although the plot, characters, and general acting is terrible there is one sexy man (who now works on some small HBO show Entorage). Adrien Grenier stars as the sexy "weird" lead male who Melissa Joan Hart turns cool. I love ever sexy second of his sexy performance. With that, I watched it twice in the matter of a week. Don't judge me for this, just watch as his sexy curly locks dangle sexily across his sexy forehead near his sexy blue eyes that look at me, I mean Melissa Joan Hart, in a sexy

Then it happened that "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead" was on Showtime. I got lost in nostalgia as this was a film that I used to watch with my brother when I was 7. I also thought the clothes in it were so "radical." In retrospect, what a fashion disaster the early-90s were. What a great movie. Christina Applegate, who I still think is pretty funny, is a lot younger. Also, the pot-head brother, terribly bitchy receptionist, and ridiculous plot still resignate as an awesome early 90s flick. Also, a young pre-X Files David Duchovony was the villanious sleeze-ball. If you're my age, I suggest watching this film to
The movie fun didn't stop there! I searched "Romance" and found a James McAvoy flick called "Starter for 10." What a delightful British romp. James McAvoy proves to me, time and time again, that he is a dynamic actor...and is my other boyfriend (sorry, Adrien). He can be funny and then cry in the matter of seconds. In fact, he cries ALOT. He cries more than me and I was once called a "Weeping Willow Tree" by a close friend. Anyway, if McAvoy and I married it would be tears all the time. He made me cry with his performance in "Becoming Jane." He cried, I cried, there was a flood. In "Starter for 10" his comedic timing and acting is superb. Plus, there is something so sweet about his face that endears me to all his performances. The film was decent but without McAvoy it would be nothing. He holds it up with his comedy and dramatics. There are some other key characters, a pretty interesting story-line, and romance & laughter. Yay for random British flicks and thank you On-Demand for letting me indulge my chick-flick-ness.
On the James McAvoy kick, I forced my parents to let me buy pay-per-view "Atonement." I'm still mulling over that film. Although it can compare to the caliber of "Drive Me Crazy" it was quite a beautifully done movie. Its one of those films that long after I am still thinking about it. Once again, McAvoy rocks my world as an actor. Keira Knightley proved herself as more dynamic than just the Pirates series. I knew, as we were hitting the "BUY" button that this was going to be one of those epic films where it takes twenty minutes to move from one scene to the next. I was correct in my assumptions. If you subtracted most of the beautifully cinematic moments the movie probably could have been done in 40 minutes. I assume it wouldn't be as good if I directed it. "Atonement" made me want to read the book and, at the same time, avoid the book entirely. If you've seen the movie you might know what I'm talking about. I don't like being a spoiler so I am going to change the topic now.

Let me put it out there:
Mr. Tumus, from "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" although part man, and part donkey, is sexy. Anyone else? Anyone? No? I'm all alone on this one. Ok, well, leave Tumnus to me. Also, I'm excited for "Prince Caspian" but pretty sure Tumnus is dead (because the series fast-fowards 3000 years or something). Maybe McAvoy is too busy these days for the kids and the wardrobe. Too my bed!
I'm going to leave you now as this has turned into one big sexual innuendo.
To film-viewing and having as many boyfriends as I can find On-Demand!
~The Lady~