Friday, July 18, 2008

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

That Man That Hath a Tongue, I Say is No Man

Iago:I have profess'd me thy friend, and I confess me knit to thy deserving with cables of perdurable toughness. I could never betterstead thee than now.
Put money in thy purse; follow thou thewars; defeat thy favor with an usurp'd beard.
I say put money inthy purse.
It cannot be long that Desdemona should continue her love to the Moor
—put money in thy purse—nor he his to her.
-Othello Act 1, scene 3, 336–344

In the years of my relatively short life, someone drilled into my brain that those who are good will reap the benefits of their virtue. Someone, somewhere along the lines made me feel that being a kind soul would make me the beneficiary of good things. Surely I recognize the many blessings of my life, but to hear the Rush Limbaugh will be making $38 million for the next 6 years of his life makes me question the concept of good vs. evil.
It’s the universal theme, right? Good beats evil in an epic final scene.

Then, here it is in cold Times New Roman font, Rush Limbaugh to receive signing bonus and $38 million over the next six years to continue his radio show. This is a man who has made racist comments, lies for the benefit of our leaders and panders to his audience as much as that monkey I saw the other day dancing for quarters as some jerk cranked a victrola. How does this type of man receive praise? How can this type of political monkey be making so much change?

Now, I know he has millions of fans but what I don’t get is how? How do 600 radio stations and 14 million people listen to him for 3 hours a day? How do we Americans applaud someone who spouts morals and has none? My concern is that millions of Americans agree with his babble of anti-humanity speeches and can listen to him preach day in and day out.

If I am humble, kind and love others shouldn’t I be receiving some financial compensation? That’s what I was taught. I understand my Christian/Western beliefs are pouring out of me at this moment, yet in all my studies I don’t remember any other culture that praises assholes. If that were true, there would be a lot more novels, songs, poems and movies in which the main character is an asshole who gets $38 million a year for being said asshole.

Americans don’t like the “top-dog.” We root for Rocky (no matter how old he is and how many face-lifts he’s had), we root for Rudy and, clearly, we root for Underdog (did anyone see that movie?). Here and there we have the tragic hero ala Ethan Frome and John Proctor of The Crucible. Yet, even those characters show signs of righteousness and repentance that, I’m gathering, Rush doesn’t. Why should he feel sorry; he’s making millions off his proud commentaries and *spoiler alert* Procter and Frome don’t have it nearly as good in the end.

He calls Americans “anti-patriotists,” he distorts the words of others and he uses Oxycontin habitually.

Evil has won…show him the money.

Happy 4th of July,

~The Lady~