Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Et tu, Brute?"

"Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me."
--From Antony and Cleopatra (V, ii, 282-283)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, (who am I kidding, Lady and Gentleman)
I must make this quick but, on this evening of the 4th of July, I recieved this enlightening video clip from my dear ole' dad. Its long, 10 minutes, but I plead with you to watch the entirety, or a part, or whatever you can give it. Its a clip from the end of Keith Oberman's show last night and I just think he says far more than I could ever say and I want all to listen, closely, and enjoy.

Happy 4th of July! Please click below!

~The Lady~


Meg said...

i'm going to write a blog now...thanks for the clip. :)

- the other lady.

Doug said...

Powerful stuff. I enjoy Keith Olbermann. It's corruption like this and the lack of checks and balances thereto that makes people not vote. There's a quote from Sicko that I think applies here. It was given by Tony Benn, former British Parliament member.

See, I think there are two ways in which people are controlled - first of all frighten people and secondly demoralize them. An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern.