Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why, That's My Dainty Ariel

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."
--From Much Ado About Nothing (III, i, 106)

The color pink makes me happy. I wonder, if I were male, if I could love the color so much. Would I be shamed if I did love it? Maybe, if I was a boy, I wouldn't like the color at all. Confined to blues and greens and the like at a young age I wouldn't know the wonders of pink.

It reminds me of Valentine's day, of a warm afternoon, of cute dresses and of all that cutesy stuff some people detest. Yet, I love it. In years past I've been ashamed of my desire to wear, see, and paint in pink. Much like my love of the Backstreet Boys, I pretended, I hid my love under shades of purple and blue. I thought if I could hide my love for a mix between red and white, no one know just how girly I was. I wonder when pink became the color of the girl? Is it because girls are supposed to have cheeks of pink? Or is it because it embodies something more that represents the female? I won't even go into the Aerosmith version of my precious color...sickos.

Anyway, this was a long way of saying that this Lady loves her sex's designated color. Following with the lines of conformity, I love me some pink. On my favorite show ever, Whose Wedding is it Anyway, a bride made everything (and I mean EVERYTHING down to her dog's fur-color) pink. It was glorious to this pink fiend.

In conclusion, I've changed my layout to display a shade of pink. It takes me a while to say what I started out to say. I LOVE PINK. Here is to all things Pink:

The singer/songwriter, the lady Pink
The panther who is a shade of Pink
Flamingos who only come in Pink
Cellphones that have been coated Pink
Drinks that have a tint of Pink
Bedrooms that are painted Pink
Lips that are glossed in Pink
Dresses & jewelery bedecked in Pink
Masters who dye their doggies Pink
NOT to Aerosmith & their dirty version of Pink
And to this Lady, who truly loves her Pink.

After writing this, saying and reading the word pink have somewhat made me sick. What a weird language we speak and write.

~The Lady~


mary said...

Flamingos are born white.


The Lady Doth Protest said...

yes, but then they turn to the brighter side of life. thus, i like them. pink and proud of it. they ripen with their age to a beautiful pink.

Gwen said...

what does aerosmith's song mean? :(