Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Men Dare Do!

Claudio:"O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!"Much Ado About Nothing (IV, i, 19-21)
This is my life....

So, I decided to take a professional course on philosophy and satire for a professional development day. Oh boy, did I learn alot. While everyone was acting like the adults they were, I pretended to be an adult. On the inside, I was giggling and freaking out like a child.

Why? Well, because although I thought I'd be learning about Satire we had read "Plato's Symposium" which explores love. Most of these love ideas came from how Ancient Greeks thought the love between man and man was the highest form of love. Each older man would have a young boy to teach and receive, ya know, "wisdom" *wink*wink*! Today, very pervy sounding - old man, little boy...creeeppppy!

The man-on-man love wasn't the funny part. Thats actually cool. Yay Gay Rights! Isn't America a democracy based on neoclassic tradition? Well, then. We should give homosexuals the right to get married. Highest form of love, hello!

The funny part was having my 60+ professor explain to us that Ancient Greeks thought small penises made for a more manly man! When did that tradition change? Also, in a male-dominant society I'm sure the women never got to say "Oh, sorry....I would like the big peen, thanks!"

And, with that, I giggled on the inside as this educated man explained how big peeners were considered "animalistic" and belonged to half-man half-goat people. Interesting. Hercules - tiny peener. Zeus - itty bitty thing. So, cheers to that I guess. How awkward is my life though? I would choose this course.

I should've just picked something tame like British Literature....I wonder what their thoughts are on size.

 ~The Lady~

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