Sunday, October 21, 2007

Swear By His Sword!

If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.

A couple days ago when J.K Rowling was asked (and I don't quote verbatim) "Did Dumbledore ever experience true love" she replied "I've always thought of Dumbledore as gay."
At that moment, family rights people and bigots everywhere experienced a minor constriction of their bowels. Meanwhile, in the United States, I smile.
Rowling went on to explain that he was in love with his rival Gellart Grindewald, how love can blind us sometimes, and that this love was his "great tragedy." Wow, that makes me want to re-read that portion of Book 7 because I clearly missed all the wonderful subtext.
Apparently, the producers of the 6th movie wanted to add some fictional female love for Dumbledore and Rowling crossed it out in the script and wrote "Dumbledore is gay." This story just keeps getting better and better! As a lover of all people (which means I love all colors of people, all different religious followers, and people with sexual preferences that differ from my own) I'm psyched Dumbledore is a homosexual. I can almost imagine him at a gay bar singing show tunes...ok, maybe thats a bit much. Either way, I like this recent outting of one of my favorite fictional wizards.
On Good Morning America they did a piece on this shocking Harry Potter revalation. It just so happened a convention for Family Rights was going on. Apparently, these assholes, I mean...good Moms & Dads, need to get together to fight over what American families should look like and, lets just put it out there, its not a Daddy-Daddy-son-daughter family. I guess its also not a Wizard-Wizard family situation either?

They questioned some of the morons, I mean good family folk, about Dumbledore. One guy said something to the point of "Sexuality should not be included in a family book." Well, sir, it never was and it never will be because the book series is over. I read every Harry Potter book and most more than once and, I never read a line that made me think "Hmm, Dumbledore clearly likes men!" Sexuality is never even mentioned. There is awkward pre-teen tension but, never sex. The book goes beyond sexuality, something these "Family Rights" tools can't seem to understand. If you're so set on cleaning up your precious child's fiction get your heads out of the gutter...its just not about that.

Clearly, I am infuriated by stupidity. Firstly, who says that a convention of people spouting family values know anything about what a family is. Its not some Norman Rockwell picture from the 50s. That dream will never be so, get over it. Rockwell is dead or else he might be painting a new American landscape with all different types of families and people.
If Dumbledore is gay, so what? Rowling didn't even mention it until the books were over and it won't warp your precious child's mind because, hello assholes, welcome to the 21st century; they have cable.
P.S. Family Rights morons, whats the divorce rate these days? Yeah, I thought so. SUCK IT!
~The Lady~

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Sam Fran said...

no talk of sexuality? hello! mcgonigal was gay for hermione...duh