Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's In a Name?

"How strange or odd some'er I bear myself—As I perchance hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on—That you, at such times seeing me, never shall" - Hamlet

Lately, I have noticed something rotten in the state of Denmark, otherwise known as Hollywood, California. Do these three actors look alike, or is it just me? To me their resemblence is so striking I had to IMDB their names to clarify who is whom. Granted, they all have something strikingly attractive but, they're like Hollywood triplets. Likewise, they have similar acting styles. With their deep set eyes they penetrate the hearts of women with their slight cockiness yet everday guy acting.

One of the above men is marrying Fergie. Lucky him because I hear she's "Fergalicious" which is, obviously, an adjective meaning "being like or named, Fergie." I know of one other Fergalicious woman, Sarah Ferguson duchess of York aka the original Fergie. Anyway, this man stars in a show that airs Friday nights called "Las Vegas." Sadly, I am far too popular to watch this show, and by popular I mean drunk, alone on Friday nights, dancing in my leggings and long blouse (ala Lindsay Lohan my hero). I digress, this look-alike was also seen in Transformers making him pretty damn Fergalicious himself. Or would he be Josh-a-licious as his name is Josh Duhamel. Props to you Josh, you look like three other male actors.

Another man above was once on a show that was on the air for 52 years called "7th Heavan." I hated this show because the father was a preacher, they had 7 kids (get it, 7th heavan? GET IT?) that were all wholesome, and because Jessica Biel can't act her way out of her own asshole. This guy was pretty decent and definitley the only sexy aspect of "7th Heavan." I'm still pissed that they didn't change the name to 9th Heavan when the mother popped out twins at 45 years old. Anyway, now this handsome 1 outta 7 member is on "Samantha Who" which is much funnier, and a lot sexier, than "7th Heavan." If you're ever in the mood to laugh, this young lass was also in the acclaimed film Sorority Girls where he plays a young lassy. Comedy ensues thanks to Barry Watson and his familiar face.

Although one of these men looks like the other, he stands out to me because he's a bad boy. I mean, he's married with kids in real life but there is something about him that...well....let's just say he would've been kicked off "7th Heavan" after a solemn talking to by the preacher-dad. I don't even feel like getting into his list of films (all sexy), and "Deadwood" on HBO (bow-chica-bow-wow), because Timothy Olyphant shakes up the good-guy image of the Hollywood triplets.

Wait a minutes, who are you sir? You look like the Hollywood triplets? Good lord, ANOTHER ONE OF YOU? Are you brothers? This lad is on "October Road" which I sometimes keep on in the background while I crochet yet another afghan, after I get over my hangover while wearing my leggings and blouse. Another tangent, I apologize. This man, oddly enough, was on an episode of Las Vegas (with Josh) and graced "7th Heavan" with Barry. This is getting weird. You're pretty adorable, Geoff Stultz. *Upon further research I find Geoff Stultz has a twin brother...George. George doesn't look like Geoff but, like most of this list, was on fucking "7th Heavan." Goddamn that show

*Upon further research, I'm going to hell.

Love and look-alikes in 2008,

~The Lady~
(Imagine a picture of a woman who looks like the above men)

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