Monday, May 18, 2009

In Action How Like a God

Rosencrantz: My lord, there was no such stuff in my thoughts. Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 303–312

I’ve found my way back home and I am ready to vent. Where to start?

I have been a fan of TLC’s John and Kate+ Eight for the past year. With that, the recent news of his alleged discretions has hit me hard. How could he abandon us like that? How could he do something so hurtful? With those questions, I hear the justification of “well, she’s such a bitch to him that he should cheat on her.” That is where my eye begins to twitch with fury; and when my eye starts twitching best to clear out of my way.

The point is, I don’t care how awful you are to someone you don’t deserve to be cheated on. Plus, and let me get on my feminist soapbox, just because she is a hard-nosed, organized, ball-busting female that doesn’t make her a bitch. How does her personality make her a bitch who should be cheated on? What rational world do we live in if bitch = deserved to be punished by the man you married? Where in most cases I feel “bitches get stitches” I would never stoop so low to say “she’s annoying, CHEAT ON HER!”

Sure, I think she’s nuts for having 8 kids, but I think she is the only person who could handle it. You have to be a bit of a bitchy-wacko to take care of 8 children. Not too much of a wacko though ie: OctoMom (a story for another entry).

I don’t get why she’s a “bitch” and he’s such a martyr for putting up with her. The woman birthed 8 babies (6 in one shot) for this man. As anyone who watches the show has seen, that took a toll on her body; if my stomach stretched that far out, filled with human beings, I would vomit at my own reflection. She looked like a skin mini-van of John’s spawn. Wow, that is gross. Hold on…I need a minute to compose myself.

Anyway, she takes care of them daily while he is at work. She gave up her job to run the household in which her major conversations are with 3 year-olds. As a long-time babysitter, I know how hard it can be to only talk to youngins’ all day. By the time your day is through, you’d be a bitch too. Plus, you’d be making Dora the Explorer references and really lame jokes about baby-wipes and sippy cups. She cleans up pee, puke, poop and other nastiness that would make me gag. That’s a hard task when the liquids are coming out of one child let alone 8 at once. That’s like a puking, peeing, pooping monster. Wow, that is gross. Hold on…I need a minute to compose myself again.

Why does she do it—because she loves them and her husband.

No one deserves the trust of the person they love to be thrown away like some diaper. Sure, she might be nasty, but she hasn’t earned the right to be cheated on. Even the nastiest of ladies I know should be honored by their men (but reap the pain of my angry twitching EYE!).

(Hops off of feminist soap-box)
~The Lady~


Jessica said...

Blatant negativity and pessimism ahead. Fair warning.

We live in a society where cheating is okay. It's not right. It's not moral. It's not fair. But no one is punished.

We see our famous men do it all the time. Just look at our politicians: John Edwards (cheats on wife with cancer), James McGreevey (cheats with a man), Eliot Spitzer (also cheats with man), Rudy Giuliani (what wife is he on now?), Bill Clinton (man loves cigars), and the ever-so-popular John F. Kennedy (who supposedly had a back entrance to the White House so his mistresses could slip in and out undetected).

Maybe we should take a cue from the Third World and turn adultury into a stoning offense.

Or at the very least, maybe John should be beaten with sticks, preferably weilded by 8 cranky children and one pissed off wife.

Jessica said...
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Sara said...

Amen, sister. No one deserves to be cheated on.

In other news, I saw my link and was like, "HOW DARE SHE NAME ME AFTER SOME WHINY DOUCHE IN FORUM!" And then I was like, "Oh, Shakespeare." So I googled it because I'm lazy. I'm quite pleased.