Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick Realizations

First and foremost, my day turned around greatly on Tuesday. I even got a whole new blouse for free! Thanks for your concern!

Secondly, now I am sick. Boo.

In this congested, sniffly-time I've been doing quite some over-the-counter-drug-induced thinking. My chest feels congested, my nose is stuffed and I cannot smell/taste. Clarity through the junk that my body is filled with is an interesting concept, but one I am growing to love/hate. I love that I have a clear mind, but I hate that I am sick. Anyway, here is the thought: no one else matters. 

I've probably been jealous of others 85% of my life. I've feigned and pretended I was above it all, but I haven't been. I read things, I watch stuff and I languish in the materials, values and joys of others. I want her outfit, his car, her life and his skill. I want, I want and I want. I can't get enough of what others have.

It's time to empty it all out. It's time to stop wanting and focus on what I have, what I can give and who I am. No one else matters. No one's rules can take over my life so much that I ruin myself wanting, trying so much harder to reach some ideal of perfection that can't be reached. I want to make my own perfection.

So who am I?

I am messy, careless, sarcastic and rude.
I am anxious, excited and calm.
I am spiritual, thoughtful and emotional.
I am reflective, apologetic and forgetful
I am lazy, hard working and trying.
I am loving, frightened and kind.
I am so many things one blog can't express, one entry can't hold.

Who are you? Tell me a bit about you. In sharing, we may all find clarity, or not. At least, we'll get to talking about what really matters - ourselves and no one else.

Enjoy what you have & who you are :)
~The Lady~


Sara said...

I am insecure and try so hard to not project that in life.
I am good at Photoshop.
I am loving, yet scared to actually love.
I am a drama-loathing hypocrite.
I apologize for everything.
I love my hair entirely too much.
I am a daughter, a sister and a best friend.
I am the sum of all my parts, but they do not define me.
I am only human.

Jess said...

I am really really really talkative.
I sometimes wonder if I really have something to say.
I am overly ambitious.
I still believe my childhood dreams are possible.
I am only happy when I'm running myself ragged.
I care too much about what other people think.
I am at my best in a theatre.
I am a loyal friend.
I am a cruise director.
I am an ever-so-slightly rebellious daughter.
I am a demanding perfectionist.
I am short.

The Lady Doth Protest said...

Love the comments! Thanks for digging deep!