Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blow, blow, thou winter wind

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude;" As You Like It

 Oh, no, snow! You've ruined my weekend to the core. Likewise, you've ruined my sanity!

Ok, so part of my weekend was ruined because of my own behavior (sorry Han-Sam) and subsequent illness all of yesterday. Regardless, tonight was supposed to be epic and tomorrow was supposed to be a fun-date with my ladies. What do I get instead? Inches of snow and, most likely, an extra 5 pounds. Whatever, let's look at things from the shiny side of the snowflake (terrible metaphor? I blame the snow!)

Anyhoo - good stuff that happened because of the snow:
1. Spent the day with my family & the love.
2. Baked monkey bread - ate monkey bread - gained 5 pounds of monkey-bread-love handles!
3. Stayed in my jammies all toasty and warm all day!
4. Felt a bit more Christmas-excitement thanks to the Christmas music playing all day long.
5. Watched an awful movie and didn't feel guilty about not doing work! Hooray!
6. Took an hour nap on the couch. Couch-naps are the greatest!
7. Ate delivery veggie pizza. There is nothing greater than eating a pizza and having it delivered to you. I should have just had someone feed it to me.
8. Have had a no makeup, hair-in-a-bun, scummy looking Lady kind of day - and I like it!
9. Watched the puppies frolicking in the snow! They were the cutest!
10. Smelled the sweet scent of cinnamon & spruce thanks to the season.

Ok, so I guess the snow isn't THAT bad. I just better not be stuck in here all day tomorrow or this cabin fever is going to become a true epidemic!


The Lady


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