Sunday, December 6, 2009

They Say Do Never Live Long

"So wise so young, they say do never live long."
King Richard III (III, i, 79)

While it is the holiday season, and I've had a fabulous weekend of family, friends and my love, I can't help but think of those we've lost.

In the past 6 years I have seen two wonderful men leave this earth way too early. One was in grad school and the other was working and "living the dream" of a bachelor. Both died in car accidents.One story remains a mystery and the other was killed by a drunk driver. Their stories ended far before their time and, every year at this time, I am reminded of them.

Christmas lights put me over the edge. Tonight, as I drove past rows of houses cheerily decorated with colorful orbs, I remember seeing those very lights and being told "he passed away." Christmas lights, so beautiful and happy, remind me of those two very souls who were taken from their families during the holidays. They will never get to hold their loved ones, decorate their trees, smell the chilly air, unwrap presents, get frustrated over crowded malls and taste delicious Christmas cookies. They won't, but I will. I will do all these things and, as much as I can, with a smile in honor of these two men.

Remember why this is the season.
Remember there are those who are lost and lonely.
Remember we can celebrate, while others cannot.
Just, remember...

Tis' the season,

~The Lady~

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Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

If it makes you feel any better even though they were here only a short time. When you see Christmas lights you think of them which is beautiful because that means they brought light into your life (world) and that is the same light you carry around with you every day. So in a way its kinda like they never died bc you still carry that light with in you, sharing it with the ppl around you.

I hope that makes sense. Chin up ducky!