Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair Dye My Personality, Please <3

I’m getting the itch to do it. You can’t stop me! I will, inevitably, come to the decision to end all decisions; will I change my hairstyle?
Three weeks ago I was dead set on bangs. I needed them. I pondered over them and I finally got them. I was so excited leading up to the inevitable cut, that I didn’t really think it through. So, now, I have curly bangs. They are alright—not good, not great, just alright. I should be flat-ironing them everyday (thanks, curly hair), but I’m not.

I’m over them.
Nevertheless, there is something in the process of changing hair color & style that makes me giddy. Even if it’s just briefly, the “I’m going to change my hair”and chatting about it with the hairstylist stages are always so much fun. It’s usually 4 or 5 months later, when I’m ready to start the process all over again, that my current hair become drab.

Why the obsession with hair changes? I think it stems from the personas that hairstyles/colors can take on. According to others, short hair makes me look more adult. While some would argue it makes me look more sassy. My long hair takes me back to high school & keeps me feeling young and alive. When I go blonde people are eager to ingeniously point out “Wow, you’re blonde!” Yes, yes I am! Thank you, I almost forgot. Much like Goldielocks sitting it the baby bear's chair & eating his porridge, I think the blonde fits my pinkish skin tone just right! But, that won't stop me. I'm a hair-changing maniac ready to reek havoc on my roots!
I hear two things when I dye my hair dark. One, “You look like your Mom” and two, “You’re pale!” While these aren’t compliments, I am getting to the days in which I wouldn’t mind dealing with the pale-Mom comments. I am going dark. Yes, like a vampire ((cue hissing)).
Why is it I change my hair when I know it looks better a certain way? Boredom. I change it because I want to feel spontaneous, a little stupid and different from myself for a bit. And, lets not tip-toe around the real reason here; I LOVE taking that ever so clever “My New Haircut” picture & posting it on Myspace, Facebook, TwitPic and Flickr! There isn't anything more gratifying then getting compliments on my new hair-do via the web!

Maybe this time, I’ll go RED! We’ll see about that. I might be hair-courageous, but I ain’t stupid!
To those of you who love switching it up all the time (and I don’t mean sexual partners), a toast to you!

~The Lady~

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Gwen said...


i've forever been a fan of dark dark hair and light skin, but maybe only in the fall/winter.. because the summer sun can really make dark hair fade into purplish brown super fast.

You know... I would have never considered red on you otherwise, but now that you bring it up... that might actually be seriously cute! not a red red or an orange... but like, rustier than a golden blonde.