Monday, September 7, 2009


Summer is over...

Bring on everything that is Autumn.
Back-2-School fun is much different, I imagine, for teachers of gradeschool. As I am a teacher of High School, Back-2-School sounds and feels like the following.
1. The stench of puberty, ie: stinky boys who don't know the word, nor use the product, that is deodorant.

2. The ringing of dirty language and words they wouldn't say in front of their Mamas. Or, maybe they would? Kids these days!
3. The look of depression and angst. God, I've missed that.
4.  The amateur drawings of phallic symbols. Yes. This is my job.
5. The sound of the re-telling of fart jokes. How do I not laugh at them myself?
6. The humming of the excuse machine. "I didn't do my homework because I have my period." "Well, I didn't give you a good grade because I'm PMSing." (I never actually responded like this, but I did get this excuse).
7. The look of the kid who is too cool for school and, for that matter, life.
8. The stench of whiskey being passed in water-bottles.
9. The sight that is the "we don't get your joke" face. Ha ha ha! Anyone? ANYONE? Is this thing on? No? I'm corny? Oh, ok. Well....POP QUIZ! Ha. Joke is on YOU!

10. The sting of being disrespected.

11. The color of money (thank god for paychecks)

12. The sweet taste of accomplishment knowing that someone out there learned and used something you taught them (even if it was about how to take a good prom photo).
I'm too excited to sleep. Which means I'm too excited to get up. Mommy, can I stay home from school?


To a good Autumn & year. Here we go again!
~The Lady~

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Jessica said...

I love talking to the teachers I know just before they start back again. They all sort of feel the same way - sad that summer is over, but excited that the school year is starting.

Good luck with your stinky, excuse-ridden kiddies!