Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Work it Girl

I'm revamping this bad-boy. Time to make it saucier than usual.

Things that are Funny
1. Sitting near a boss when trying to significantly procrastinate & search the web for bridesmaids dresses. Thank you, life.

2. Being grouped with a co-worker who knows she will be laid off in the Spring. Can you say bitter? Can you say I’ll be doing ALL the work?

3. Having an itchy butt. When is that ever NOT funny? Seriously, why does that happen? It’s not the internal (I know gross, right?), its just the exterior. Maybe it’s these cotton panties? All I know is scratching becomes a series of gyrations in the form of circling the buttocks on the chair. “Check out the freak in the back row! Why is she sitting like that? Why does she look like she’s humping the chair?”

4. Squirrels.

5. Spotting pre-teens who will, in their lifetime, play World of Warcraft, go to a Fluffy Convention and dabble in rejuvenating herbs.
Here are some of those pre-teens now:

6. Spotting people singing in their cars.

7. Being the person spotted singing in the car.

Things I Love
1. Wedding shows, websites, advice columns, blogs, twitter updates, news briefs, doctrines, magna cartas…YOU NAME IT – I will read, look, purchase and enjoy so long as it talks about color schemes and DIY favors. LOVE IT.

2. Gossip mags/blogs. Can’t get enough. Must keep reading about who Robert Pattinson is dating. Must find out where John Gosselin is laying his pipe these days. Must...keep...reading!

3. Twitter. Figuring out how to be clever & encapsulate my day all in 140 characters. It’s too much! Why don’t they make it 150 characters? I’d be REAL clever then!

4. Wawa coffee…24 oz, French Vanilla, splash of French Vanilla creamer, and the rest sugar/skim milk. Oui! Oui! Mon cherie!

5. Google images. This can also go into the “Funny” category. Go to Google images and type in "Owned" or "Funny" or "Ugly." Such simple words produce the funniest and most loveable results! Therein lies my point. LOVE IT!

~The Lady~

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Sara said...

#5 in the Funny cateogry is the best. For obvious reasons.