Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things I'm Good at...

Thanks to a little training class called "Zumba" I've learned a startling fact about myself...

I can move like Beyonce.


Pause yourself for a moment and think about that.

No, I'm not lying.

In class, I look like Beyonce here. Or is it more like this old lady? Maybe a cross between the two of them.

A woman today in class said "Damn! She can move" referring to me and my hips of wonder. Sure, I don't look like Beyonce, but when she plays a song I love I just can't stop my hips from doing things unmentionable, yet alone done in front of 20 other women. They just move fast-my hips that is. It is quite a wonder, even to myself. I may not be 100% coordinated, or quick, but when the instructor does that move that ladies do in rap videos, well, I can mimic it like no other.

Which brings me to my second talent, I'm a parrot. I can't speak other languages, but when I hear words or phrases I can surely repeat them back in  a perfect accent. No lie.

I can also parrot people. I start to pick up their gestures and nervous ticks and I am able to exaggerate them. No lie. It's probably how I learned to speak & be a smart-ass at a very young age. Comedy-wise, it's been my saving grace for 24 years of life. My parroting has brought many a friend and an enemy. So be it. I am good at it.

So on this glorious Sunday I ask you-what can you do? What makes you unique? Do you have hurricane hips? Are you a mirror to others? Whatever it is, be proud of your accomplishments however seemingly weird they may be.

To hips of fury,

~The Lady~

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